A winter’s day in Stavanger

by Endre Harvold Kvangraven, PhD researcher in environmental humanities, University of Stavanger Klikk her til å lese på norsk I’ve come to Stavanger to study relations between humans and birds in Nordic literature from the 2000s, and on one of my first days I go out to have a look at the local bird life.Continue reading “A winter’s day in Stavanger”

Why do I photograph birds?

by Karoline Holmboe Høibo, Faculty of Arts and Education, University of Stavanger Klikk her til å lese på norsk When the alarm clock rings at three in the morning, because I am planning to enjoy a beautiful dawn, I often ask myself: why do I photograph birds? It’s the same when I crawl out ofContinue reading “Why do I photograph birds?”

Mid-January Waterbirds

By Dr Elle-Mari Talivee, Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences Eestikeelse postituse lugemiseks vajuta siia My favourite time for bird counting is in the middle of winter by the seaside. I became interested in ornithology when I was a schoolgirl. Since the 1990s, I have spent one weekend almost everyContinue reading “Mid-January Waterbirds”

Extremadura: A birding paradise in the southwest of Spain

By Diana Villanueva-Romero, Associate Professor (Profesora Contratada Doctora), University of Extremadura Pulse aquí para leerlo en español The place where I live, Cáceres, is well known as a tourist site to those wanting to travel off the beaten path. In 2015, it was featured in the British online edition of National Geographic which mostly paidContinue reading “Extremadura: A birding paradise in the southwest of Spain”

Studying Volunteer Dutch Ornithologists

By Caspar Beckers, Junior Researcher, Institute for Science in Society, Radboud University Click here to read in Dutch Our research concerns the historical ‘citizen’ in ornithological citizen science. Who were these people? How did they get involved in ornithology? What are some of the characteristics of these volunteer birdwatchers? Those are some of the questionsContinue reading “Studying Volunteer Dutch Ornithologists”

Falconry, my gateway to environmental awareness

by Ellen Hagen, museum educator at the Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger Vil du lese dette på norsk? Klikk her. I have always been fascinated by birds and have both chickens and ducks in the garden. But, there is one type of bird in particular that has made me more interested in nature andContinue reading “Falconry, my gateway to environmental awareness”

Connecting with and through birds

On April 2, we officially launched the EnviroCitizen project, bringing together researchers from seven European countries. We were supposed to all be in Stavanger, in the university board room overlooking campus. Instead, most of us were sitting at home, looking at each other on a computer screen. Like so many other events in the wakeContinue reading “Connecting with and through birds”