Powering Platforms: Videos

These four videos are produced to explain to a broad audience how digital technology connects people to birds. They are based on extensive empirical and literary research carried out as part of the EnviroCitizen project and focus on the development of technological innovations in the birdwatching world and the actors who create and maintain them. The research team developed the scripts in collaboration with the professional video producer Gabriel Gumucio of Allusion Film.

From Rifles to Cameras: Unveiling the Technological Shift in Birdwatching

In this video, we explore the complex relationship between bird watching, technology and society. Discover how advances in optical devices have transformed birdwatching into a widespread leisure activity, with implications for scientific research, conservation efforts, and the many meanings associated with this popular activity.

Embracing Digital Transformation: Redefining Bird Watching Experiences

In this video, discover how smartphone apps, social media platforms and citizen science initiatives are transforming birdwatching by enabling real-time communication, species identification and fostering a sense of connection with avian life. Discover the impact of these digital advances on people’s encounters with birds, their environmental knowledge and their commitment to biodiversity conservation.

The Digital Migration: Unraveling the Lives of Birds in the Digital Realm

In this video, we delve into the world of digital birds and the underlying systems that support their existence. Explore how digital interfaces and platforms are reshaping bird-watching, with implications for conservation, research and birdwatching culture. Uncover the complexities and implications of creating and maintaining digital birds, and the important questions raised about the evolving landscape of birdwatching in the 21st century.

Bird Watching in the Technological Era: Shaping Relationships, Shaping Lives

In this video, discover how the design and use of birdwatching technologies shapes birdwatching practices, influences conservation efforts and impacts the lives of birds. Reflect on our responsibility to birds as we consider the ethical implications of technological advances in our quest to connect with and understand these amazing creatures.