World Wetlands Day Event for Birds and Wetlands

The View across a lake. The sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the lake is surrounded by woodland

By Vasiliki Vasileiou, Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) organized an information and awareness event for the EnviroCitizen Project on birds and wetlands. The event took place on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at the educational centre of the CYCERE at Agios Nikolaos Farm, on the Akrotiri peninsula.

The View across a lake. The sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the lake is surrounded by woodland
Despotiki Lake

Dr Andreas Hadjichambis welcomed the attendees and referred to the great research, educational and informative work carried out by CYCERE in Cyprus and abroad. He also introduced the EnviroCitizen Project, its main tasks and deliverables and the coordinator and partner institutions.

A lecturer stands at a lectern. behind him is a Powerpoint slide with a circular diagram on it. The text is in Greek

Within the framework of the event, the results of the research program EnviroCitizen were presented. The main deliverables that CYCERE is contributing to EnviroCitizen were presented. Citizens Count Activity Sheets, which will soon be integrated into the environmental center’s educational programs, were also presented.

A lecturer stands in the lecture room. Behind her is a Powerpoint slide of a page from the EnviroCitizen project activity sheets for schools. The text on the screen is in Greek
Presenting the Citizens Count Activity Sheets in Greek

Additionally, there was a presentation for the Great Backyard Bird Count campaign. It is noteworthy that this campaign is taking place for the first time in Cyprus.

A leccturer points at a Powerpoint slide with information in Greek about introducing the Backyard Birdcount to Cyprus
Presenting the campaign for the Great Backyard Bird Count

On the occasion of the announcement of the campaign, a presentation was made about the birds of the Akrotiri Peninsula.

A man stands at a lectern with a Powerpoint slide in English on the screen behind him.
Discussing the birdlife and habitat of the area

Speakers at the event were Dr Andreas Hadjichambis, Dr Yiannis Georgiou, Dr Dimitra Hadjichambi, Vasiliki Vasiliou, Dr Nikos Kassinis.

After that, the attendees had the opportunity for birdwatching and bird counting in the rich habitat of the Despotic Lake of Akrotiri.

A group of people birdwatching while looking out over a lake. Some of them are discussing what they can see
Birdwatching at Despotiki Lake in Akrotiri

The event was supported by Birdlife Cyprus, Terra Cypria, the Game and Fauna Fund of the Cyprus Ministry of Interior, the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment of the Cyprus Government, ETEK (the technical advisor of the state and citizens), ENEC, EnviroCitizen, the Department of Forests and other stakeholders from Cyprus.

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