Garden Bird Count 2022 (Netherlands)

by Wessel Ganzevoort, Radboud University This was my second year participating in the Dutch National Garden Bird Count, marketed as the biggest citizen science project in the country. Last year a record-high 200,000 people participated, and there was an ambition to go even beyond that; while that didn’t succeed, the total number of participants stillContinue reading “Garden Bird Count 2022 (Netherlands)”

Garden Bird Count 2022 (Norway)

by Ann Elisabeth Laksfoss Cardozo, University of Stavanger On the last weekend of January, I participated in the Norwegian garden bird count for the third time. The first year, I did not put out any food. Consequently, I got two magpies and one crow. That was it. Actually, I had not really understood the wholeContinue reading “Garden Bird Count 2022 (Norway)”